Money for Nothing

Most of us are familiar with the 80’s Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing” It’s a story about a blue-collar working reflecting on what it must be like to be a rock star… adored and worshiped by loving fans, gaining reward and pleasure for very little effort. For simply getting a little “blister on your finger”, you get money for nothing. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog, we examine our society’s obsession with Money for Nothing.

The WWJD Challenge

Are you a What Would Jesus Do (i.e. WWJD) New-Testament kind of person or more of a What Would Moses Do (i.e. WWMD) Old-Testament kind of person? There are many self-proclaimed Christians out there that claim to be followers of Christ. In His 3-year ministry, Jesus provided many instructions on how to respond to various situations. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled The WWJD Challenge, we offer a test to determine the likelihood of following His various instructions.

Should We Have Executed Saddam Hussein?

Should we have executed Saddam Hussein? Knowing the human atrocities committed under his rule in Iraq, this may seem like an absurd question. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog, entitled Should We Have Executed Saddam Hussein? we will discuss arguments both for and against his execution.

The Most Society-Impacting Noble Cause Proposal You Will Ever Hear

Ex-Presidents Announce”Free Help for Everyone on Anything” Program

Imagine seeing a commercial showing the ex-Presidents announcing a new noble cause program that enables ANYONE to get help on ANYTHING… for FREE. Imagine the impact of such an inspirational message on society. Imagine seeing people becoming more loving and caring toward one-another… WANTING to help one-another ALL OF THE TIME.

This months Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled The Most Society-Impacting Nobal Cause Proposal You Will Ever Hear proposes such a bold radical idea. To enable this idea to actually happen, this month’s blog message needs to go viral. I need everyone to share this message with everyone they know. Ultimately, I want this message to get to the ex-presidents… so THEY can launch and promote this noble cause idea.

What Exactly IS “The Body of Christ”?

In the New Testament, there are references to something called the body of Christ. Is this a physical entity? Is this a figurative description of followers of Jesus? What exactly IS this? In this months Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled What Exactly IS “The Body of Christ“?, we explore answers to this question.

Survival of the Fittest

Focusing on personal goals, aspiring to be the best, achieving personal success, owning that perfect house… that perfect car… all of these things can best be described as the American Dream. Question… is the “American Dream” consistent with what Jesus desires for our lives? In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled Survival of the Fittest we explore answers to that question.

Mysterious Electronic Watch Discovered On Mars

Imagine a headline reading “Mysterious Electronic Watch Discovered On Mars”. How would the public react? How would scientists react? In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog, we explore answers to that question.