A Plea to Preaching Pastors…

A Google search will show that the United States has the largest Christian population in the world… followed by Brazil and Mexico. If you asked people in our country what it means to be a Christian, you would hear words/phrases like love, peace, grace, forgiveness, helping each other, helping foreigners, loving and helping even your enemies. These were words/phrases spoken by Jesus and represent His character.

Today when you look at the behavior of our society, you will find that much of it is inconsistent with the character of Christ… despite being the most Christian nation in the world. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled A Plea to Preaching Pastors, we discuss the reasons behind these inconsistencies and suggestions how local churches can remedy these inconsistencies.

The Importance of Community

In this country, we look highly upon individuals that are self-sufficient and independent… not needing anyone. We put them on a pedestal as being powerful and in control of their lives. This, however, contradicts what we observe in the universe and is NOT consistent with the message of Jesus. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog, we discuss The Importance of Community.

Fruits of the Spirit

Most all of us have heard of something called the fruits of the spirit. These represent nine characteristics that reflect the presence of the Holy Spirit. If you witness these in someone else, you know the Holy Spirit is in that person. Generally speaking, all of them put a smile on your face… all of them except one. In this month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog, we talk about this one outlier.

Pray for the Dead

Pray for the Dead

Most Christians believe that once you die, your destination in the “afterlife”, heaven or hell, has already been determined and cannot be changed. This month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog challenges that belief and makes an argument suggesting that it IS possible to change your destination… even AFTER you die.

Taboo Bible Topics – Unsettling Words of Jesus

Church sermons preach many interesting words spoken by Jesus as found in the New Testament. There are, however, certain words of Jesus you basically never hear preached at any church service. These tend to be unsettling words of Jesus that make people feel very uncomfortable. This month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled Taboo Bible Topics – Unsettling Words of Jesus discusses such words of Jesus.

Taboo Bible Topics – The Lords Prayer

Last month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog was the first in a series entitled Taboo Bible Topics. In that blog, I discussed the uncomfortableness in hearing of the killing of 450 prophets by the Bible hero Elijah as described in 1 Kings. Hearing of the killing of prophets can certainly cause a feeling of uncomfortableness, but sometimes uncomfortableness in reading the Bible can occur in more subtle unexpected ways. Such is the case in this month’s blog Taboo Bible Topics – The Lord’s Prayer.

Taboo Bible Topics – The Story of Elijah

Have you ever heard a pastor tell a story found in the Bible that made you very uncomfortable?… where some part of the story made you question the moral character of the so-called “hero” of the story… or maybe even the character of God himself? You wanted to speak out and voice your questions/concerns, but you didn’t feel it was safe. You feared being judged by others as a “doubting Thomas” lacking faith. This month’s Life, God, and the Universe blog is the first of a number of blogs discussing taboo Bible topics. In this month’s blog entitled Taboo Bible Topics – The Story of Elijah, we explore the story of the hero Elijah and some of his controversial actions.