tom schultz v2We live in a stressful anxious world today full of much anger, fear, and sadness. “Life, God, and the Universe” is an attempt to remind you that there is a creator… that life has meaning… that you have a purpose… that you are loved.

The inspiration for “Life, God, and the Universe” began about 4 years ago when I had an “Oh My God” moment upon reading something in quantum physics. There is a particular phenomena that occurs in quantum physics that could not be explained by science. Of all places, I stumbled upon the solution in the Christian Bible. There were certain verses in the Bible that actually explained something that science couldn’t explain. That OMG moment was the catalyst that inspired me on a journey to attempt to unite matters of faith with matters of science. Thus, the seed for “Life, God, and the Universe” was planted.

Each month on LifeGodAndTheUniverse.com, we tackle some of the tough questions in life… Can science point to God? Given a situation, what would Jesus REALLY do? In tackling tough questions such as these, we use something called “thought experiements”, a technique used by Albert Einstein, to look at things from a different perspective. These “thought experiments” reveal meaningful insights used to discover the secrets to attaining a life of abundant joy, meaning, purpose, and love.

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  1. Carol says:

    What happened? It says there will be weekly blogs but none since 2014

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