The Most Society-Impacting Noble Cause Proposal You Will Ever Hear

Ex-Presidents Announce”Free Help for Everyone on Anything” Program

Imagine seeing a commercial showing the ex-Presidents announcing a new noble cause program that enables ANYONE to get help on ANYTHING… for FREE. Imagine the impact of such an inspirational message on society. Imagine seeing people becoming more loving and caring toward one-another… WANTING to help one-another ALL OF THE TIME.

This months Life, God, and the Universe blog entitled The Most Society-Impacting Nobal Cause Proposal You Will Ever Hear proposes such a bold radical idea. To enable this idea to actually happen, this month’s blog message needs to go viral. I need everyone to share this message with everyone they know. Ultimately, I want this message to get to the ex-presidents… so THEY can launch and promote this noble cause idea.

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