Age of the Universe – 6 days or 13.8 billion years?

Creationists claim the universe was created in 6 days. Cosmologists claim the universe was created in 13.8 billion years. Who is correct? In this month’s blog, Age of the Universe – 6 days or 13.8 billion years?, we explore the answer to this question… the answer may surprise you!

Can Mathematics Reveal the Presence of a Creator?

Gazing upon the starry Milky Way or a majestic mountain side can cause one to sense the presence of an all-powerful and loving creator. There are lots of other examples in nature that can potentially evoke that same emotion. How about mathematics? Is there anything in mathematics that points to God… revealing the character and nature of an all-powerful loving creator? In this month’s blog, Can Mathematics Reveal the Presence of a Creator?we explore mathematics and discuss various numbers, functions, and expressions that appear to point to the mind of God.

Do Imaginary Universes Exist?

In our June, 2017 blog, we talked about spiritual figures in the bible that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and then suddenly just disappeared. In this month’s blog, Do Imaginary Universes Exist?, we discuss another example in the field of mathematics that possesses this same characteristic of appearing in our physical world and then suddenly disappearing.

How Many Dimensions in Our Universe?

How Many Dimensions in Our Universe?

As a way of explaining how spiritual entities, as described in the bible, could appear out of nowhere, last month’s blog discussed the possibility of our universe having more than 3 spatial dimensions. In this month’s blog, How Many Dimensions in Our Universe?, we perform a thought experiment to explore how many dimensions an all-powerful loving creator God would desire.

Spirit – A Manifestation of God

In the bible, there are many references to spiritual beings. The list of spirit beings includes angels, the Holy Spirit, and God himself. A common characteristic with spiritual beings described in the bible is an ability to literally appear out of nowhere. In Spirit – A Manifestation of God, we perform a thought experiment and use science to provide a potential explanation to this observed behavior.

Light – A Manifestation of God

Did you know the bible has over 230 references to light? You might be asking “why is light such a big deal in the bible”? In Light – A Manifestation of God, we perform a thought experiment, imagining what life would be like if you were a particle of light… a photon.

Do Thoughts Matter?

Most people believe that they are a good person. Their belief is based upon their positive loving words and/or actions bestowed upon others… but what about thoughts? Do negative thoughts impact being classified as a good person? Most people believe that negative thoughts, by themselves, are ok as long as they don’t lead to destructive words and/or actions. In Do Thoughts Matter?, we discuss what Christianity and science has to say about the power and impact of thoughts.

There is No Such Thing as Atheism

Albert Einstein, the most renowned scientist in the history of man-kind and recipient of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century” award, believed in an all-powerful intellegent loving God that created the universe. Self-proclaimed atheists such as Steven Hawking believe that God does not exist. In There is No Such Thing as Atheism, we make the case that actually it is atheism that does not exist.

And The Two Shall Become One… Quantum Entanglement

Albert Einstein had a strong desire “to know the mind of God”. In And The Two Shall Become One… Quantum Entanglement, we discuss a curious phenomenon called quantum entanglement and how it relates to God.

Santa Claus is Evil

When we think of Christmas, the imagine of Santa Claus dances around in our head. Unfortunately, Santa Claus has become a secular replacement for Christ… the real reason for the Christmas season. In In Santa Claus is Evil, we discuss the character of Santa Claus, similarities to Christ, and how Sanata Claus has replaced Christ.