Do Thoughts Matter?

Most people believe that they are a good person. Their belief is based upon their positive loving words and/or actions bestowed upon others… but what about thoughts? Do negative thoughts impact being classified as a good person? Most people believe that negative thoughts, by themselves, are ok as long as they don’t lead to destructive words and/or actions. In Do Thoughts Matter?, we discuss what Christianity and science has to say about the power and impact of thoughts.

One Comment on “Do Thoughts Matter?”

  1. ki says:

    Hi I believe thoughts do matter for many different reason’s. Everything is energy, including thoughts. I noticed that if I feel happy and positive this seems to make my entire day become, happy and positive. If I’m forced to have to deal with a possible negative situation, I can have the power to turn it into something good and positive, including for a coworker that might not be happy about the situation, too.

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