What Does Evil Look Like?

When thinking about evil, most people visualize a figure like Satan… a crimson hideous pointy-tailed figure holding a pitch folk. In addition to spiritual figures like Satan, most people describe physical figures like Hitler or Stalin as evil. All of these might be viewed as OBVIOUS examples of evil. In this month’s blog entitled What Does Evil Look Like?, we explore much more subtle things… man-made things, things in biology, things in physics… that could be described as evil.

What if Jesus Ran for President

If Jesus ran for president, what do you think is the likelihood He would actually win? If you’re a devout Christian, your initial response might be a resounding OF COURSE he would win! In this month’s blog entitled What if Jesus Ran for President, we discuss how a victory for Jesus would be HIGHLY unlikely.

Pray for the Rich… NOT the Poor

Last year’s Life, God, and the Universe blogs mostly focused on articles describing how science and religion come together in some rather unexpected ways… as seen, for example, in And The Two Shall Become One… Quantum Entanglement

This month’s blog entitled Pray for the Rich… NOT the Poor changes gears. If you’ve not read any previous blog, this is the one to read. A rather controversial title (on purpose), it will challenge you to look in the mirror and contemplate the condition of your heart. If you are impacted by this article, I would encourage you to share it with others. Click Full Article to see the full article.

Does “What would Jesus do?” = “What would God do?”

Most Christians assume that in determining how to handle a particular situation, the advice from Jesus would be the same as the advice from God. In this month’s blog entitled Does “What would Jesus do?” = “What would God do?” we explore whether this assumption is always true.

Age of the Universe – 6 days or 13.8 billion years?

Creationists claim the universe was created in 6 days. Cosmologists claim the universe was created in 13.8 billion years. Who is correct? In this month’s blog, Age of the Universe – 6 days or 13.8 billion years?, we explore the answer to this question… the answer may surprise you!

Can Mathematics Reveal the Presence of a Creator?

Gazing upon the starry Milky Way or a majestic mountain side can cause one to sense the presence of an all-powerful and loving creator. There are lots of other examples in nature that can potentially evoke that same emotion. How about mathematics? Is there anything in mathematics that points to God… revealing the character and nature of an all-powerful loving creator? In this month’s blog, Can Mathematics Reveal the Presence of a Creator?we explore mathematics and discuss various numbers, functions, and expressions that appear to point to the mind of God.

Do Imaginary Universes Exist?

In our June, 2017 blog, we talked about spiritual figures in the bible that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and then suddenly just disappeared. In this month’s blog, Do Imaginary Universes Exist?, we discuss another example in the field of mathematics that possesses this same characteristic of appearing in our physical world and then suddenly disappearing.