Is There a Creator? Part 2

Video Overview
This presentation finishes up on the question of “Is there a creator of life?” and attempts to answer the question “Is there a creator of the universe?” Can science and the notion of the big bang explain the existence of the universe or do we need to consider the notion of a creator that ultimately designed and created the universe?

Video Transcript

Video Summary

  • A basic cell is the basic building block for all of life
  • A basic cell cannot be divided into smaller components and still function… the “irreducible complexity” problem
  • Occam’s razor suggests it is easier to believe in a creator that created the first cell and created the mechanism for evolution
  • Genesis states that the universe was created by an entity outside the universe… God
  • Science and the notion of the Big Bang also suggests that the universe was created by something outside the universe
Motivational Insights

  • Occam’s razor suggests there IS a creator… for both the universe and life in the universe
  • Knowing that there is a creator provides comfort… that the things we see and observe are not simply pure randomness

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